December 09, 2009

I'm going all the way to Pluto and may never return.

I'm going to Pluto because Pluto is still a planet as far as I'm concerned Voyage. 

I'll be concentrating primarily on the Hugo Winners from 1946 to 1963 with a few thrown in that strike my fancy plus those I have on my shelves currently.(which are in italics)  I'll be making multiple side trips through the galaxy, and dipping into the Heinlein Quest and Philip K. Dick quest. Plus I'll also be exploring new books which are yet to be determined.  

Hugo Winners

Farmer in the Sky - Robert Heinlein (1951)
The Demolished man - Alfred Bester (1953)
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury (1954)
They'd Rather Be Right - Mark Clifton (1955)
Double Star - Robert Heinlein (1956) 
The Big Time - Fritz Leiber (1958)
A Case of Conscience - James Blish ( 1959)
Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlein (1960)
A Canticle for Leibowitz - Walter M. Miller  (1961)
Stranger in a Strange Land (1962)
Dune - Frank Herbert (1966)
To your Scattered Bodies Go - Philip Jose Farmer (1972)
The Vor Game - Lois McMaster Bujold ( 1991)

Side Tripping 70's Style with Clifford Simak

A choice of Gods - Clifford Simak 
Project Pope - Clifford Simak

Robert Heinlein Quest  

Friday -Robert A Heinlein
Glory Road -Robert A Heinlein

Philip K. Dick Quest

The Man in the High Castle (hugo 1963)
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

My ship is all fueled up, I have my provisions packed and I'm ready to blast off and explore the galaxy.   Looking forward to meeting up with those also exploring the galaxy and hearing about the books you are exploring.  


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