December 22, 2009

Join me in the Red Room to find out what's in store!

2010 is coming up fast and I have some ideas brewing about in my head for our exploration of the galaxy.   Throughout the voyage I'll be posting Author Spotlights on science fiction and fantasy authors, ones that I love and have been reading for many years and also new to me authors I read and discover during the challenge.   For instance, I just discovered Mark Charon Newton who wrote Nights of Villjamur and was named one of the top five reads for 2009 by Speculative Horizons. I will be arranging some guest author interviews and a few book giveaways.  

I would also like all of you who are participating to give some thought to being a guest blogger.   Each of you has something unique to bring to the voyage and it would be interesting to hear about your favorite authors or books, what attracted you to reading Science Fiction and Fantasy or recommendations for books to read.   Also, if you know of an author, writer, publisher, or a visitor from outer space whom you know would love to be a guest blogger or you would like to interview, then by all means ask them, set it up and let me know.   I'm a pretty flexible person and don't have a set schedule for posts, and plan on posting at least once a week,  but don't worry about messing up any schedules.   My posts are spontaneous and off the cuff, generally something that came to mind in the middle of the night. 

I'll be writing about interesting discoveries and challenges related to science fiction and fantasy that I find around the blogosphere.   Such as Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings who is planning on joining the challenge.   Every year during the months of January and February he hosts the Sci fi Experience which all about the pleasure of totally exploring the worlds of science fiction. It is a casual challenge, thing, experience, undertaking, whatever you want to call it,  in which you set your own reading goals and shot for the stars.

There are a couple challenges I found that blend right in with the Mind Voyages challenge of exploring new books,  which call me crazy, I will be joining as well.   BookChickCity is hosting a year long Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge so I will definitely be reading Mark's book among others.   

and Royal Reviews is hosting a Fantasy Reading Challenge for the year which encompasses Science Fiction Fantasy as well. I know I'll end up reading a few sci fi fantasy books

And for those of you hoping to take a side trip reading the 2010 Hugo nominees, Katster is a Hugo voter.  She will be letting us know sometime in March who the top five 2010 Hugo nominees are so we can read them as well.

I'm looking forward to an interesting year of reading and happy to say Santa will be delivering a few Science Fiction books under our tree this year.   What books do you think you will be getting in your Christmas Stocking?


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